Grades: Precision / Comercial / MIL QPL

Size 20 and 22 densities:

9/15/25/37/50     15/26/44/62/78/104

Solder Cup, Crimp Type, Backshells, Thumbscrews

Coax, Signal, HV, and Power Contact combinations

Right Angle PCB (standard, Euro, and custom footprints)

Vertical PCB (high and low profile)

IDC (plastic or metal shell)

Wire Wrap

Filtered and Pressfit



Contacts: 3 to 50 microinch Gold

Shell: ZnCr, Tin, Cd, Ni


Hardware configured/engineered to your specifications

SCSI: 26/40/50/60/68/80/96/100 pins, PCB and Assembly